Best Porn Sites for Ass Licking Videos

Anilingus or “the rim job”, as it is commonly known is a trend that is catching on quickly. Ass lovers know how good and enjoyable ass licking is. There’s something about a guy or woman licking your asshole that can completely turn your world upside down.

You have probably watched lots of free porn, where people give cunnilingus instead. Ass licking is just more spectacular. But words are cheap. We have compiled a list of sites that have the best ass licking videos. If you enjoy some anilingus, these sites will take you to the edge of deep and dirty.

Here are some of the best rimming porn sites:

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Smooch My Ass

It’s no secret that guys do love it when women stimulate their asses using their slippery tongues. Some girls just don’t do it right, they think it’s a rim job while they haven’t even dug in well enough to send shivers down a gentleman’s spine.

You won’t be seeing that at Smooch My Ass. This site has the best ass licking videos for men. The girls passionately dig deep between the ass cheeks, and they love it.

It’s not just anilingus though. There are blowjobs, ball sucking, and good hardcore sex scenes. However, rim jobs take the centre-stage.

Your Mom Tossed My Salad

The words ‘mom’ and ‘salad’ might make you think this is a cooking site. It’s not.

‘Your Mom Tossed My Salad’ is where MILFs are into ass licking, and they are not shy about it. It does get a little weird. They love eating ass so much that they even put some salad dressing on it. Surprised? MILFs are way past the stage where they were afraid to get what they want.

The women here look so good, it’s like their asses forgot to get old. If you want to see some ass licking videos with a touch of salad, look no further.

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Everything Butt

As the name says, it’s all about butts here. It’s mostly extreme anal scenes, including fisting and BDSM. It’s a premium site, but every guy or girl who fancies butt action will love this site. It has the hottest pornsters, who are good at what they do. There’s no holding back here, the ass licking videos are intense.

That’s not all, there’s kinky action from lesbian threesomes, gangbangs to foot stuff. There’s no limit to how hot and dirty it can get here.

Girls Rimming

Most free porn sites have different categories, but this one doesn’t work like that. It’s dedicated to rim jobs and everything else that comes with it, including deep tongue and sitting on faces. There’s also some passionate fucking and plenty of blow jobs as well.

But every other site offers that, you might say. What’s unique about their ass licking videos is that the men are so well groomed. Then they’ve got these gorgeous babes that know what they want. These, combined with the perfect angles and excellent quality, gives you the real taste of what it feels like to have your ass licked by a beautiful babe.


Any guy or girl with an affinity for rim jobs and other anal action knows how delicious it gets. Check out these sites and see your fantasies come to life. If you love it when things get dirty, this is the ultimate list for you.