The phrase ‘he has got to eat my booty like groceries’ dominated conversations online as well as offline for a while. Some cringed at the thought of the idea (mostly men) while others loved and encouraged the boldness that women were displaying in asking for their sexual needs to be met (primarily women).

Eating booty, commonly known as anilingus, is the act of a person using their tongue in the anal region of their partner to sexually arouse them. Some couples intentionally choose to try out anilingus while others accidentally engage in the act when the tongue slips further than it should during cunnilingus.

Despite the growing popularity, one question remains unanswered: Do women like having their asses licked? We shall explore the pros and cons of eating booty to find out.

Reasons for Trying Anilingus

First, the anal region is made up of many nerve endings which are sensitive to pleasure. Many women have said that they have had orgasms that felt amplified from anal stimulation. Even men have said that they felt embarrassed because they had an intense orgasm during a prostate check.

Second, the clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings which stretch out to the anus. The nerve endings get stimulated when there is sexual activity in the anus. It is for this reason that the orgasm feels exacerbated in women; pleasure comes from both the nerves of the anus and the clitoris.

Third, there is a sense of excitement that comes with doing something that is forbidden. People typically experience an adrenaline rush when engaging in a prohibited activity, and this makes the activity even more interesting.

Lastly, women view anilingus as a sign that you have accepted every part of their body; no part makes you uncomfortable or turns you off. This is the building block of long-lasting relationships as acceptance generally leads to a deep emotional connection.

The above information confirms that women would, at the very least, be open to having their asses licked. Some women may like it while others may not. However, the general feeling from those who have tried it is that many have liked it.


You will not know for sure what your partner wants until you talk to them about it. Ask them if they have ever thought of having the ass licked. Ask them about their long-held sexual fantasies if you are unsure of a way of broaching the subject.

Women’s pleasure matters, more so in today’s world and one of the ways she can get it is by you licking her ass.